I don't worry. Whenever skies are gray above. Got a pocketful of rainbows. Got a heart full of love - Elvis Presley

Photography by Eisa Bakos.

Western shirt by Sacred Hawk.
Vintage Levi's by my E.R. Saloon Vintage
Red mesh body by Nobody's Child
Tan Clogs by Sweedish Hasbeens
Brown 'Albany' Cap by Brixton.
Black vinyl trousers by Pretty Little Thing

In this post, I am talking about my journey to GOLD. For many, many years I have been a worshipper to silver. Seduced by it's rock and roll reverie. Allured by it's Native American roots, it's pairing with coral and turquoise. Silver finery has a softly spoken voice. It's the way it just goes with everything, everyday without demanding a fuss. The ease alone, has kept me faithfully coming back. The way silver jewellery inhabits my shelves and jewellery boxes, like the timeless guest that never outstays it's welcome. There will always be a flashing vacancy sign, a room at the inn, for silver in my life. 

Time comes however, where we might pursue and push towards a little more drama when it comes to our own style. Sometimes we want to wake up from our everyday and test an item that doesn't belong to our capsule wardrobes. 

Fine gold jewellery to me is bold and bossy. It commands the room by asserting luxury, 
all the while maintaining a level of elegance and femininity. It sort of has the same work ethic as a set of luxurious lingerie. They both set out on the same mission.  

So in the last month I feel I must tell you, I've slowly migrated from my trusty silver to the more coveted gold. I love to layer it, by wearing more then one necklace at one time and also by wearing multiple size hoops in my ears. The only thing I have left to covert, is my nose ring! 

My bright and wonderful friend, I say 
bright and wonderful because she truly is the sunshine in my life, is bringing out her own gold jewellery line, so naturally her and I decided to play around and take some photos of her new range. We wanted to dress the gold up with, well not a lot else really. Like I mentioned before, I feel gold and luxurious underwear have the same sort of 'powerful femme' intentions - so why not pair them together? 

You'll be able to shop the range very soon, I'll give you a heads up on my Instagram when it's ready to shop! Hope you love it all as much as I do! xxx

I am wearing all Les Girls Les Boys AW17, all jewellery from Blonde Solace. All photos by Brogan, taken in Hackney - September 2017. 

'Island Girl' in any other context, leads me to imagine a tanned beach honey wearing a grass skirt, in a 1950s tropical film that stars Elvis Presley. She'll be a bombshell with a coconut bra, lounging under the palm trees. A ukulele melody will be playing. 

My sisters and I will refer to ourselves as Island Girls, as an inside joke. The fact is we were brought up on an Island  - but just not the exotic kind. (If you have ever looked hard at a UK map, you may of seen the Isle of Sheppey just before the River Thames actually becomes the River Thames) It's poor and a deprived area, with no palm trees insight so we endearingly like to think we have scrubbed up alright considering. 

I guess these photos above are of me, scrubbed up? 

Tea dress from Brandy Melville, espadrille wedges by Park Lane at Asos, gold St Christopher and cross from Blonde Solace (coming soon). 

I found this floral dress in one of the charity shops whilst I was back home in the south east of England. It's originally from Miss Selfridge, and I'm thinking from the 90s due to it's label, fitted cut and spaghetti straps. It cost me £3.50. 

After discovering this pair of Converse were actually the extra high tops, I took a pair of scissors and cut them down. I had bought them on Depop and didn't realise they weren't the regular kinds. I'm looking forward to washing them, so that they raw edge will fray and soften. I often buy my converse second hand, because I prefer them worn in and the fabric already faded. It means I can put them straight on without having to worry about blisters, and I much prefer the look of soft converse instead of brand new shiny ones. These cost me £15. 

My fisherman cap was sent to me by Out Of Step Ltd, and it's by Brixton. I'm a regular wearer of Brixton hats, as their collections are always made perfectly. Other then Lack of Color, I don't think there are any other brands out there that smash it. They bring new ones out every season using colour palettes and fabrics that I just adore. This hat was gifted, so it cost me £0. 

"I learnt that clothes and make up can change your personality, and wearing the right things, you can do a lot of things you might not have done otherwise". Christian Louboutin

I've always been drawn to clothes, and using them as my second language has only been something that's got more and more evident. I've always noticed from a far, there are people who believe 'fashion' doesn't concern them. They are fools. From a young age, I learnt this. You're clothes and the way you dress, speak for you and will always concern you. Let's communicate before we even have to open our mouths. 

Dress by Sacred Hawk. Boots by Toga. Bag is vintage. 

I'm wearing a vintage 70s muslin cotton skirt available on E.R. Saloon and I've tied a vintage scarf into a top. 

Photo set by Brogan Lane

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