19 December 2014

The Stoned Age.

Whoops, seem to be unapologetically  wearing a lot of leather again. But, if you see your style as quite bohemian then in these winter months its hard not too? Summer boho fades away and somehow that rocky leatheriness slides right on in there.
 I love this Harley Davidson T-shirt. With vintage T-shirts, its that worn out, thin, soft fabric I look for. Also oversized and shade of grey, usually is the way to my heart. This one is a bit holey, and torn in some places but that just adds to the character of it. Plus it can be a great addition to your 'winter rocky' wardrobe, one that you don't have to be precious about. Not like those suede items you have, where you might get a little teardrop in your eye when a rain cloud moves in, or even run away if someone lurches towards you slopping a pint around... Maybe suede isn't that rock and roll after all. Anyway! Vintage T-shirts are essential. You can sleep in them and wear them again the next day if the night turns a bit wild or you can play it safe and wash it regularly, tucking it into your leather pants... Yeoww!

Leather Jacket - Topshop Premium.

Harley Davidson T-shirt - Vintage.

Faux Leather Trousers - Goldie.

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8 December 2014

Parma Violet.

Fine, delicate knits that are near enough sheer always catch my eye. I tend to love knitwear that's got a loose, easy fit. The idea of tight drainpipe jeans accompanied with an oversized, baggy jumper is like a dream to me. I love this laid back, 'pulled together last min' look and think its the drop shoulder that gives it a lazy feel.

Zip Faux Leather - Goldie

Lilac Delicate Knit - Topshop. 

Lion Claw Pendant - South Africa. 

'Epidemic' Boots - Asos.  

Brown Snakeskin Bag - Thailand.

Photographs by Cam Hardy.


30 November 2014

Leathery Goodness.

A pouch is a very satisfying thing. They can be as clean and as minimal, or as eclectic and eye grabbing as you like. A lovely, cuddly rectangle of design. Keep them close, while they sit comfy under your arm, or clutched lazily by the hand.  This one happens to be my favorite - made from real leather I know that it can take a tumble, and will accompany me through many of my days to come. Its one of Beyond Retro's salvaged and remade pieces, so there are more then one but still made from vintage fabrics. Along with the leather tassels it features a heavy weight, durable zip which I love. It all adds to the tough biker look. The stronger and chunkier the zip, the better in my opinion. It's lined beautifully and thickly quilted on the inside like a dream, so even when it's next to empty it doesn't look flabby and sorry for itself. I can trust this is the sort of pouch that would follow me to hell and back and still look kick ass as ever. Hell yeh!

Leather Tassel Pouch - Beyond Retro Own Label. 


23 November 2014

The Bolero.

I am a traveller at heart, but sometimes in life we find ourselves grounded in once place for while so when it comes to style and dress, I love to include my travel experiences as much as I can. Have to keep the essence of freedom there somewhere for my own sanity! Ethnic fabrics and textures, silverware, handmade, crocheted, woven...

This look reminds me of the traditional dress of a Torero (Spanish/ Portuguese bullfighter). This bolero jacket for me if so so perfect. It's stiff fit and open front just adds to the silhouette and character. I wear it over a simple grey T-shirt most of the time and then pair it with tight black jeans. Much needed finishing touches too, like my vintage belt and silver bangles just to give it a well travelled vibe.

Quilted Bolero Jacket - Topshop. 

Black Biker Jean - Topshop. 

Belt - Vintage. 

'Red Sky' Shoes - Asos.  

Photographs by Cam Hardy.


19 November 2014

Dusty Pink.

When I look through my (bursting, rickety) rail of clothes in my room, pink isn't a colour that is dominant. Amongst the blacks, browns, ominous amount of grey T-shirts, sits this very keen and pretty dusty pink Sister Jane jacket. It asks to be worn. It glows at me. With its tassels and dusty hue it creates a very romantic, nostalgic summer vibe - (It makes a great festival jacket). I like pretty things, but I'm not overly girly so when it comes to wearing this jacket, I end up toughening it up with some ripped jeans. Pink can be a hard colour to pair up with - I have always loved the combination of ballerina pink, with concrete grey and not too much else so these 'Jamie' jeans from Topshop are perfect. The vest dress by Off Dutee was a lovely gift, and goes on easy underneath. As for 'Swear on my Chanel' well, can't say I own a Chanel myself but hey. A girl can dream. (Unless you can count my powder brush, we can swear on that if we want). 

Pink Faux Suede Jacket - Sister Jane

'Swear On My' Vest Dress - Off Dutee

Grey 'Jamie' Jeans - Topshop. 

'Gracie' Shoes - Topshop.  

Photographs by Cam Hardy.

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