19 November 2014

Dusty Pink.

When I look through my (bursting, rickety) rail of clothes in my room, pink isn't a colour that is dominant. Amongst the blacks, browns, ominous amount of grey T-shirts, sits this very keen and pretty dusty pink Sister Jane jacket. It asks to be worn. It glows at me. With its tassels and dusty hue it creates a very romantic, nostalgic summer vibe - (It makes a great festival jacket). I like pretty things, but I'm not overly girly so when it comes to wearing this jacket, I end up toughening it up with some ripped jeans. Pink can be a hard colour to pair up with - I have always loved the combination of ballerina pink, with concrete grey and not too much else so these 'Jamie' jeans from Topshop are perfect. The vest dress by Off Dutee was a lovely gift, and goes on easy underneath. As for 'Swear on my Chanel' well, can't say I own a Chanel myself but hey. A girl can dream. (Unless you can count my powder brush, we can swear on that if we want). 

Pink Faux Suede Jacket - Sister Jane

'Swear On My' Vest Dress - Off Dutee

Grey 'Jamie' Jeans - Topshop. 

'Gracie' Shoes - Topshop.  

Photographs by Cam Hardy.

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