30 November 2014

Leathery Goodness.

A pouch is a very satisfying thing. They can be as clean and as minimal, or as eclectic and eye grabbing as you like. A lovely, cuddly rectangle of design. Keep them close, while they sit comfy under your arm, or clutched lazily by the hand.  This one happens to be my favorite - made from real leather I know that it can take a tumble, and will accompany me through many of my days to come. Its one of Beyond Retro's salvaged and remade pieces, so there are more then one but still made from vintage fabrics. Along with the leather tassels it features a heavy weight, durable zip which I love. It all adds to the tough biker look. The stronger and chunkier the zip, the better in my opinion. It's lined beautifully and thickly quilted on the inside like a dream, so even when it's next to empty it doesn't look flabby and sorry for itself. I can trust this is the sort of pouch that would follow me to hell and back and still look kick ass as ever. Hell yeh!

Leather Tassel Pouch - Beyond Retro Own Label. 

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