10 November 2014

Namibia | Lost Horizons on 35mm.

I love to shoot on film. There probably isn't anything better then picking up a developed film of a wild adventure you have been on, other then the wild adventure itself. I learnt to use analog cameras whilst studying at uni, and ever since have always kept them close.  

Back in May I was lucky enough to capture Southern Africa with it's insane beauty in it's rawest form. We started in Johannesburg, SA, made the long road trip up to Zimbabwe, across through Botswana, into Namibia and back down to Cape Town, SA. Was a whirlwind of coffee, border control, wildlife, endless dirt roads and clear starry night skies.

Photographs shot on my Pentax MeSuper, 35mm. You can see full imagery here.
Travel organised by Getaway Safari

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