23 November 2014

The Bolero.

I am a traveller at heart, but sometimes in life we find ourselves grounded in once place for while so when it comes to style and dress, I love to include my travel experiences as much as I can. Have to keep the essence of freedom there somewhere for my own sanity! Ethnic fabrics and textures, silverware, handmade, crocheted, woven...

This look reminds me of the traditional dress of a Torero (Spanish/ Portuguese bullfighter). This bolero jacket for me if so so perfect. It's stiff fit and open front just adds to the silhouette and character. I wear it over a simple grey T-shirt most of the time and then pair it with tight black jeans. Much needed finishing touches too, like my vintage belt and silver bangles just to give it a well travelled vibe.

Quilted Bolero Jacket - Topshop. 

Black Biker Jean - Topshop. 

Belt - Vintage. 

'Red Sky' Shoes - Asos.  

Photographs by Cam Hardy.

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