18 November 2014

The Red Wine Leather.

We had a little laugh when taking these pictures, couldn't help but feel we were taking pictures for my 'cover' for my album. Its probably the hat. Hat's do funny things to one's alter ego. Besides the hat's musician giving qualities I wanted to show you my faux leather trousers. They Goldie's last winter season, but still relevant and still very on trend. Reds, whether they be bright or mulled, its a colour we will be seeing a lot more of. I love the ankle zip on these, it's always cool to have the option to unzip a little depending on the shoes you have on. Stick on a pair of high, barely-there stilettos and unzip from the ankle a little just to add a little something. 

Red Faux Leather - Goldie

Slash Neck Knit - Topshop. 

Black Fedora - Vintage. 

'Razor Blade' Boots - Asos.  

Photographs by Brogan du Plooy.

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