8 November 2014

The Snake Skin Jean.

Snake is a focal point within my wardrobe. I found these in the sale, and didn't really have to think twice about getting them.  Easily being the key piece of the outfit, you can tone down the rest with anything neutral, so I usually go for a jersey t-shirt, nice belt and a fedora. They were pretty long in the leg so instead of rolling them up, I cut these down. I wanted to leave the raw edge, so after going through the washing machine they would fray naturally to give a more rugged feel. 

Snake Print Jeans - Beloved.

Speckled Black Jersey - Topshop.

Bone Choker - Gypsy Silver.

'Red Sky' Monk Shoe - Asos.

Black Fedora - Vintage. 

Photographs by Brogan du Plooy.

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