7 November 2014

The Soft Edge.


To me this is a stripped back outfit. It's undressed and untidy. It has a subtle 'Pirate-esque' Galliano feel. I love the contrast of the stark monochrome, oppositional textures, and completely different fits - with the loose, baggy, billowing white linen against the tight black leather. Note, these Goldie trousers zip all the way from the ankle up to the crutch. How fun?! Full of romance, but with a dirty edge. 

I imagine throwing on a pair of extreme high Jimmy Choos, deep crimson lipstick, hip flask hidden somwhere, and heading out for night time mischief. 

White Beach Dress - Topshop

Faux Zipped Leather - Goldie

Snake Armlet - Vintage.

Photographs by Brogan Du Plooy. 

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