11 November 2014

Distressed Denim.

Washed up, beachy and rugged. Beach culture has always been the root to my style, and is deeply inspired by my travels. Most of the time I feel like I was born in the wrong place. I did grow up on an island, but it wasn't the sandy, tropical  kind. I can always bring elements of summer into my outfits whether it's November or not... 

Distressed denim is timeless, and luckily the more destroyed it gets the more character it gains. I chose to go up a couple sizes up with the shorts to avoid them being to short and tight. I love classic blue demin and these shorts work well in looser fit, just way more laid back and wearable. I've chucked on a very deep V, wrap shirt with it and some necklaces to fill that gap. 
Black Wrap Top - Topshop. 

Destroyed Denim - Topshop. 

 'Red Sky' Monk Shoes - Asos.

Photographs by Brogan du Plooy.

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