16 November 2014


So lovely Emma over at Triangl sent me this bikini back in the warmer days, and since then its been hanging up in all its glory, within my wardrobe. Every time I look at it, it makes me die for a trip somewhere exotic and as far away as possible. Its the kind of bikini that deserves a life of sea salt and sandy skin and not the mundane, dark depths of my wardrobe. I wanted the 'Tily Sunburst' as love the hot coral colour of the bottoms, against the clean monochrome mesh top. The neoprene fabric, is what sets this bikini way apart from any others. It fits you, no lets say 'it holds you' well. Because of its thick elastic structure I do recommend going up a size in the bottoms. I really can't wait to take this one away with me on my next adventure. 

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