5 January 2015

My Longline Tux.

A Tux usually has a silky lapel, unlike standard suit jackets that instead tends to be made from the same fabric throughout - thus giving the Tux a little more magic. Perfectly transitional, a Tuxedo jacket is a beauty of a wardrobe piece. Softly smart over a t-shirt during the day, to a snug fit over any thing you want for any night time mischief. This Topshop unusual 'longline' version worn above is all you need to become a laid back city slicker. It's unbelievably flattering. Its softly tailored and elongated shape gives a very slimming, streamlined effect. Here I have kept it pretty minimal, as I am so in love with the cut, the silhouette really is all I need for the focus point of this look. This is a pretty reliable, ready to wear item of clothing, so I'd say tweak this look to make more it individual to you, with your accessories. This is where you can really make this look your own. I have added a hat and belt just inject some of my own personality and I have found they help tone down the overall smartness of this outfit.

Snake Skin Belt - Vintage

Fedora - Vintage. 

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