1 January 2015

Monsters Inc.

Statement textures are big right now, so why not keep the colour tone played down, and instead focus on your fabrics. Feeling rather gruff after new year? This knitted 'hairy' cardigan serves very well as a hangover hug, but demure enough not to make you look like you got lost coming home from your Monsters Inc New Year's party(?!) 

It's a rather shaggy 'throw on' to any understated outfit that you already have, and I love it for that reason alone. It brings an element of fun without being too attention grabbing, and is also an easier, lower maintenance alternative to the feathery bombers we have been seeing of late.  In drab January all I want to do is 'Shut up and get on with it', so I might roll into this snug cardigan a fair few work mornings. Here I've worn it with contrasting leather look, straight leg trousers with a little roll up. Trainers for day? And for night, maybe just uncover something- show off your ankles with a flattering mule like these Topshop Boutique ones. 

Tan Leather Mules - Topshop Unique 

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