29 January 2015

Cowgirl Noir.

I've been enjoying my fish tail plait since last night, with thanks to The Braid Bar at Missguided's SS15 preview evening. After a night of being slept on it's become rather rugged, but that's exactly how I like it. If I manage to do a decent fish tail in my hair, I will always mess it up for a more bed head style. 

Anyway moving on, as you can see I am dressed as a rather sultry cowgirl. Its midnight in the desert. With Bali looming on mine and Gemma Talbot's horizon, beach wear is pretty much all I can think about. I am very much after a western vibe but with a premium edge. I love this dress from Staring at Stars, its sexy and super feminine and can be worn many different ways. I am excited to throw it over a bikini for those warm Bali evenings. Until then, I plan to wear it with some high waist ripped jeans. It's sheer, but with heavy embroidery so triangle style bra worn underneath will be perfect.

My hat is my new prised possession and it's made from 100% leather. I can't stress enough, once you have found the perfect hat you will feel a sense of wholeness. That's if your into hats? No floppy business here. This one by Liquorish comes in a worn and weathered leather, with a plaited trim. It has an insanely low price point too so wont break the bank. 

Mesh Dress - Staring at Stars @ UO.

Leather Cowboy Hat - Liquorish

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