13 January 2015

Back to School.

Sorry, its those jeans again. But I would be happy enough with a wardrobe of these jeans on repeat, disposable almost? All hung up and ready to wear, like the wardrobe of a cartoon character with a never changing outfit. 

Anyway, what is life? What is life without a REAL leather, sleeveless biker jacket? I honestly couldn't tell you, other then guess it would be boring and unimaginable. Good, leather products are investments, and for me, come in the form of my all time favorite pieces. The sleeveless jacket, no matter what fabric, are WINNERS because they lend themselves so nicely to the gift of layering and act as very multifunctional items. Find one made from leather, and taa-dar! You have a yourself a timeless classic. A traditional, decent leather jacket is smoking hot, and an absolute must-have in anybodies wardrobe, but at times can add bulk - especially if your narrow shouldered. Gilets and sleeveless jackets are flattering, as have an elongating effect. They can make any summer dress a knockout and be that tough finish any longer sleeve top. If your a biker babe at heart, then this is the item for you. 

It's always been a soul quest of mine, to own well made items that I know will be ageless and live alongside me forever. What would your soul quest be when it comes to hunting down clothes?

Green Long Sleeve - Topshop Unique AW14.

Leather Biker Gilet - Topshop Premuim.

Biker 'Leigh' Jeans  - Topshop.

'Green' Slingback Mules - Topshop.

"crikey...that's alot of Topshop"

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