26 February 2015

Motel Rocks - Spring '15 Dresses.

A day last week, I spent a bright and sun filled day shooting with Motel Rocks, amidst the jungle that is East London. Motel are rapidly dropping their new season product, so it was great to work first hand with some of their new Spring '15 pieces. The shoot was all about dresses, TA-DAH! and who don't love a dress?!  I loved each one of the looks above. I had a lot of fun styling them up in my own way and wanted to show how I would bring each dress into my wardrobe at home. I radiated naturally to the romantic 1960/70s cuts and styles. I have always loved a short mini dress, whether that by skater skirt or a straight up and down but it's the flared sleeves that were what I loved the most. It's something we have already begun to see a lot of now Spring/Summer is on it's way. Very bohemian, very romantic and very beautiful. It's up to you if you want to stay 'fem-chic' or go for a tougher edge with a leather jacket or gilet. 

Ain't nothing like a dress, you throw it over your head and there you go, outfit is done in one. Easy! Shop the dresses below through the links - 

Motel Cybill Dress in Blue Lace 

Motel Dimitri Scoop Back Dress in White

Motel Mila Mini Dress in Black

Photography by the sassy arse chick that is Tiger. Thanks girl!


22 February 2015

Almost Famous.

Do you watch Californication? (No?! Well you fucking should be) The goddess, the angel, the 70s queen that is Karen, is my style icon. I can only hope when I am a little older, maybe a mother - I will will retain as much style and bohemian groove as she does. Holy Fuck! She does it so well... A very sure nod to the 70s is key when it comes to my look above, but it needs to be handled with care. It can wind up looking like fancy dress if not done carefully. If you want to create a simple 70s look for yourself then simply adopt  some of the retro aspects of that era and then mix it with your current pieces. Seek out open collars, earth tone colours, rolled up sleeves, high waist lines and of course - the elegant kick flare jean. 

Start off your swirling summer of love with an overdose on double denim, it's the best way to go.

Clogs, Belt and Bag - Vintage.


17 February 2015

Black Magic.

Tassels on tassels, fringe on fringe, black on black. Pretty witchy huh? I found this fringed neckline T-shirt in a charity shop when I was about 17. I think it was about £2.50 or so, and I remember my best friend found one the exact same in a khaki green, we were both pretty syked on having matching tops from the charity shop. I always thought about where they might of come from, and what kind of life they might of lived until we had found them. I like to imagine that they both were made somewhere in Arkansas, and were worn by two sassy arse cow girls, that drove everywhere in Ford Thunderbird Convertible - Thelma and Louise style. That is what I love about a second hand piece of clothing, you can only imagine their stories. Can dare to dream anyway...

I like to wear all black, it's quite mystical and always a slick look. The stand out texture through all these tassels, just adds to the character of the outfit.  If your staying to a true and loyal to a colour palette, you can always play away and get naughty with your textures instead...

Tassel V Neck - Vintage.

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