22 February 2015

Almost Famous.

Do you watch Californication? (No?! Well you fucking should be) The goddess, the angel, the 70s queen that is Karen, is my style icon. I can only hope when I am a little older, maybe a mother - I will will retain as much style and bohemian groove as she does. Holy Fuck! She does it so well... A very sure nod to the 70s is key when it comes to my look above, but it needs to be handled with care. It can wind up looking like fancy dress if not done carefully. If you want to create a simple 70s look for yourself then simply adopt  some of the retro aspects of that era and then mix it with your current pieces. Seek out open collars, earth tone colours, rolled up sleeves, high waist lines and of course - the elegant kick flare jean. 

Start off your swirling summer of love with an overdose on double denim, it's the best way to go.

Clogs, Belt and Bag - Vintage.

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