17 February 2015

Black Magic.

Tassels on tassels, fringe on fringe, black on black. Pretty witchy huh? I found this fringed neckline T-shirt in a charity shop when I was about 17. I think it was about £2.50 or so, and I remember my best friend found one the exact same in a khaki green, we were both pretty syked on having matching tops from the charity shop. I always thought about where they might of come from, and what kind of life they might of lived until we had found them. I like to imagine that they both were made somewhere in Arkansas, and were worn by two sassy arse cow girls, that drove everywhere in Ford Thunderbird Convertible - Thelma and Louise style. That is what I love about a second hand piece of clothing, you can only imagine their stories. Can dare to dream anyway...

I like to wear all black, it's quite mystical and always a slick look. The stand out texture through all these tassels, just adds to the character of the outfit.  If your staying to a true and loyal to a colour palette, you can always play away and get naughty with your textures instead...

Tassel V Neck - Vintage.

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