27 March 2015

Spring Fling.

There isn't a fresher feeling when it comes to style, then doing a classic blue denim look with a clean white shirt. If you want a day where you just feel like stripping it all back and keeping it pretty calm, then I couldn't recommend this combination more. It has low maintenance appeal and perfect for those days where you need to look on point, but haven't got the brain cells to get you there (so perhaps a Friday? After a long week of what ever it is you do, when all you can think about is that Jim Beam and Dr Pepper over ice...) It has a clean, innocent, 'all american girl' sort of feel to it and is completely effortless! It oozes sass and femininity. Best thing of all - you can easily make it your own with the small details. For me, it's a high waist skinny jean with distressed rips as I have to give it a little funky rebellion somehow. Lazy and loose is exactly how I like to wear any shirt, I think it brings a bohemian and romantic vibe to what can be quite a sensible piece of clothing. This also gives a lovely chance for your jewelry to show as well, and even a hint of a lovely lace bralet underneath. It's so nice wearing white again! I feel like Spring is in the air!

It's pretty seductive, but without even really meaning too, and that's why I love it.

Polka Dot Sheer Shirt - Goldie London.

Clog - Vintage. 


17 March 2015

Bali | Seeing Moons & Stars.


So my hair remained frazzled from the high humidity from start to end, and bleached parts of my hair may of turned a lovely shade of canary from the our chlorine filled pool-side lifestyle - but fuck it, it was truly worth it. There's plenty of time to have sleek, well groomed hair and in that moment of time, I really couldn't of cared. Life's too short! Get frazzled! I was in Bali baby, and that is all that mattered. From zipping around on mopeds (well in my case, clinging on to the back of one) to sipping Pina Coladas, to dancing till the sun came up - all in all, it was a success of a holiday. On the return, the sadness was deep. Where in the world next?

Out of all my swimwear, this was the only 'One - piece' that made the cut into the suitcase. I am very much enchanted by it's 90s spell binding print, and love the deep plunge. What you can't see from the photos above, is the back - its super low cut, with a cross over tie-up. I can easily rely on Motel to make their one piece swimsuits just as interesting and as cool as any bikini. What's nice about this, is that it's super wearable away from the beach as well. I can imagine adding denim cut off shorts over the top, and heading out for the night. If your off on a holiday soon and in need of some super cool, affordable swimwear check out what else Motel has to offer - 

Hand Carved Bone Choker - Gypsy Silver. 

Head over to my insta for more Bali goings on, places we went etc x 

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