21 April 2015

Denim Waves.

There isn't anything, more easily built and refined as a double denim look. It may look questionable, when it's just laying there limp and lifeless on your bed. A million different denim dilemmas going through your head, does this dark wash really sit okay against a blue? But low and behold, once you have got a body complete with make-up and hair in there, it literally pops off! Fuck yeah you think, as you look at yourself in the mirror - this has come together so well, against all odds. To be honest, its really easy and such an attainable look. A wavy sea of denim, and everyone can swim in it no matter what style ability you have, plus its hard wearing yet sassy so you can wear this any day of the week. For me, double denim is always going to be a true love because I love it's authenticity. I love it's Thelma and Louise toughness and it's retaining pledge of 'no need to wash'. 

I like to tuck in this denim shirt I have on in the above, into high waists and wear it barely buttoned up creating a lovely loose open neck - 70s style. As for the skirt, this Topshop one is a key item. It's going to see me through this Spring, Summer and Autumn for sure. The weather was blindingly gorgeous and spring like when we took these photos - I feel so truly relived that bare legs are finally back. 

Black Wash Denim Shirt - H&M.

Button Down Denim Skirt - Topshop.

Lace up 'Gracie' Shoes - Topshop.


16 April 2015

Cotton Cool.

Why is it, your face tan is the first to go? You think with it being the most exposed part of you, it would be constantly getting a top up. So I am sorry, that my face is questionably lighter then the colour of my legs, that are in fact superbly holding on to that Bali tan I had.

This outfit as a whole, what does it conjure up? As well as the location here, I could be in Dubai and not the streets of Hackney. I feel like I should be drifting amongst markets in Marrakech, having my palm read by a mystic mind reader, maybe taking a camel ride, all the while a warm sweet breeze flowing through my hair. Isn't this kaftan a sweet dream? I find it romantic and lusty - It's my idea of the perfect summer dress. It's baggy, lightweight and beautiful. Admittedly I had it taken up a couple of inches, so that it didn't drown my frame. I wanted to counter balance it's loose, airiness with a shorter length. I am 5-ft 2, so if you are taller it probably has the perfect proportions just as it is. I love that it has silver threading, subtly running all the way through the cheesecloth fabric that glints in the sunlight as you move. 

What's a little romance without some tough love? I think adding the leather jacket is a great way to bring this boho dream of a dress back down to earth, it toughens it up and reminds you that you aren't at Coachella anymore, lets get back to real leather life. I think it all looks heavenly teamed with my Steve Madden lace up espadrille wedges in Taupe suede. Perfect for that summer wedding, or any garden parties... Go dazzle 'em.

Leather Biker Jacket & Beach Kaftan - Tophop.

Lace Up Wedges - Steve Madden.


13 April 2015

Pretty Tough.

Rock 'n' Roll Chic with a touch of class. Giving a rough and ready outfit a sweet finish, is something I love to do and feel comes easily to me! I like the combination of a pretty thing, against something tough and fierce. It just all tumbles together nicely. There aren't many things better when it comes to style, then a old vintage T-shirt that is a bit big for you. Borrowed from your boyfriend, dug out of Beyond Retro, stolen from your sister - whatever, just get one in your life. You can tuck it into leather skirts, skinny black jeans and then sharpened up, as I have done above, with a pointy heel. 

Retaining some elegance is the key to this look, so I found the silver leather pouch by Dark Horse, and these kitten heel shoes from Topshop was the perfect answer. These are great twist on you classic shoe. Their super cute with their ankle strap but are made more edgy with a mock snake texture. If you find the balance right, you will be guaranteed you a A+ at the school of rock. Bam. 

Vintage Harley Davidson - Beyond Retro.
Snake Effect 'Jo' Shoes - Topshop.
Silver Leather Pouch - Dark Horse. 

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