9 April 2015

Beach Goth.

Is there a way, we can make work and play the same thing? Can we really bring the beach, to the office? Is it actually okay to wear a crochet bralet, underneath a tuxedo jacket!? Don't be silly, of course it is! In my world, there is always a beachy suggestion in the way I dress, that tell tales of a holiday's past. I can't let go, leftover traveller romance is present at all times. Salty nostalgic memories, tanned skin, sand in your Vans... In this case, I've edged towards a pretty sophicasted look, all black with a  super nice flared trouser. Then comes the crocheted halter top, stowed away under neath my sensible blazer jacket, whoops. 

I had followed the work of Andi Bagus for some time, and on my recent trip to Bali I had arranged to meet up with her and see her handmade treasures. I picked up this khaki halter neck, along with a tan suede bikini - (Yes suede, and it rocks my world). She crochets all kinds if bikinis, halter tops, dresses and accessories out of her Bali home. I thought it was super nice, that I had travelled half way around the world and picked out my pieces for myself, instead of ordering them online and having them sent to me by post like I could of, or might of done. I do love it, when a piece of clothing has a solid story, and a well travelled back round behind it. It ranks it that much more higher in the unique category then any of my high street pieces. Sorry Topshop. If you want a true piece of HOT TROPIC living full time in your wardrobe then please, if not already done so, check out Andi Bagus, all colours and sizes available. 

Tassel Halter Neck - Andi Bagus.

The rest? - Topshop. 

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