7 April 2015

Bali | Soul Sister.

If it was deemed acceptable to wear a bikini as an outfit in everyday life, then this would be the one I'd choose. It's actually from Turquoise and Gold's previous AW14 season but I wouldn't find a more current bikini if I tried. I SO enjoy the nostalgic, groovy-esque, 70s vibe, meets aboriginal ancestor.  It has everything I want and more from any swimwear. Ethnic with a touch of class. I admit, I am not a huge lover of print, because I find being semi heavily tattooed - I am already printed. I usually like to stay plain all the way but for me Turquoise and Gold have got it right, without making me feel over the top. It's a tastefully done tribal print, in a beautiful colour way.

Looking beyond the print, is the shape itself. To me this bikini sits in a league of it's own, and hangs other swimwear styles out to dry.  Not your average bikini with it's romantic lace up detailing at the sides and back. Enticing for sure. So sexy with its bindings and fastenings, yet modest with its hight waist, this HAS to be my swimwear piece for the season. 

Imagine it teamed with a beach throw over, wooden jewellery, chunky wooden high heels, aviator sunglasses and that 70s 'It' girl glow. Good Morning Charlie indeed. 

Turquoise and Gold are a luxury resort and swimwear brand from India, offering up some really interesting unique pieces made from high quality fabrics. My bikini is on sale now too, so check out the link below! It's a must have.  

(Photos taken in Bali)

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