27 May 2015

Muslin Cotton.

Ain't nothing like that boho white dress. The epitome of summer! Vintage or new, it's a wardrobe staple. The one I am wearing above is an old Topshop special but I am waiting (in vain?) for a more new updated version. I love its full length but with its crocheted panels that you can see through, so it's kind of innocent and grown up yet sexy at the same time. 

I'm always feeling a cheesecloth or cotton muslin dress, pretty much no matter what. There is something so nice and comforting about the airy fabric, and plus it ages well. I just love to use them as my summer base item and then add around it. Leather jacket, denim jacket, hat, a silky slip to go underneath - you can really take it anywhere in terms of styling up. Above I have gone for an espadrille, fedora hat and a woven clutch in bold colours to give it a pop. It's got bohemian traveller vibes with a touch of class swirling all over the place. 

Leather Brim Hat - The Kooples.

White Maxi Boho Dress - Topshop.

Espadrille Wedge - Topshop.
Various Jewellery - Gypsy Silver and Orelia. 

Woven Clutch - Vintage. 

Photos by Aishling Browne. 



21 May 2015

Wash Out.

I have been on a hunt recently, for the perfect long hippy dress. Super soft, laid back and easy to wear in the day. Maxi dresses done properly, are super feminine and a staple piece for your wardrobe all year round. Toughen up the boho princess feel with a leather jacket, wooden platform boots, bracelets and rings. 

I wanted one preferably from the 1970s, in a super soft fabric. It all started, when I bought this beautiful dress from Zara, it was floor length with slits all the way up, lace up deep V-neck with a patchwork ditsy print. Utterly heartbreaking, but it drowned me. Being 5ft 2, the proportions of this dress were completely wrong for me and I had to return it. Ever since, I have been on the look out for something similar. I turned to vintage, because long maxi dresses from the 70s are in abundance and quite easy to come across at the moment. I stopped by my favourite store Beyond Retro on the Kingsland Rd, in hope of finding something, but unfortunately nothing was quite right - I found great colours, patterns and fabrics but then the size would be all wrong! After (resentfully) scrolling through Depop, Ebay and other stress inducing internet platforms, I was starting to loose hope. I knew, that really I should just give up. After all it's when you aren't shopping, that you come across the best items, and the days you set out with money in your hand a night out on the cards, you can find nothing! I had gotten so caught up in my quest, I had actually forgotten a place that was right under my nose. Downstairs in Topshop, is the vintage section - the lair of Peekaboo. It's a great small enough space, to 'not' get lost in. They have rooted through the hoards, so you don't have too and present their best vintage finds - basically Peekaboo saves you the rummaging. 

So here we have it, my mauve, teal and pastel pink double layered dress. I am so into it's washed out, sun faded look - I reminds me of an old beach blanket. It's pretty perfect if I am honest and I'm in love with it. To finish, I've added all my dainty and delicate Orelia jewellery to add a little something. They do really beautiful bits that can be apart of your day to day look. I really like to mix and match my silvers, golds and  rose golds - especially if they are dainty and thin pieces. To give a little shine, I'm using my Dark Horse leather pouch, and hardening up the whole look with my chunky platform boots in 70s suede. I can't wait to get out and about more in this look!

Vintage Long Hippy Dress - Peekaboo Vintage.

Silver Leather Pouch Clutch - Dark Horse.

Tan Platform 'Hitch' Boots - Topshop. 

Jewellery - Orelia.

Photos by Aishling Browne. 


14 May 2015

Back To Bohemia.

I fell head over heels for it. It's is one of those pieces that you can adopt into any style and blend into any wardrobe. The only thing needed to wear this dress, is confidence. What I bonded with the most was it's simplicity yet daring shape. It's super minimal but also manages to be extreme at the same time. I felt in ore of it, it literally mesmerised me. If I was to choose my wedding dress at this moment in time, then it would be this but in an off-white. This is how hard I fell for it. It's bold and sensual all at the same time. A dress, that makes you think about your own wedding, shouldn't be ignored. Anyway, slightly off topic... 

It's nice for me to show off a more evening and occasional look - It's a barley there cut, that shows off a lot of skin on your top half. This is perfect for me, as I feel most confident with my upper body shape and love to show my back, arms and shoulders off. It swooshes over my hips and thighs (my least confident part) This is also where I am most tattooed, and feel this dress shows them off so well!

Staying true to myself, I've worn underneath my handmade, tan, suede and crochet bikini top. It adds a more earthly, boho vibe to what is a very elegant look. I have a pretty small bust, so think I can get away with this deep V without it being too much. I matched the tan suede and followed through with the slouchy tassel bag. Trust any good tassel item to bring any outfit back to Bohemia. I have finished off neatly with a dainty high heel and considered statement silver jewellery. A heavy pendant fills the gap nicely but not too much, while turquoise gives a pop of colour and stacked bangles add to the femininity. Voila! 

Black Plunging Dress - Topshop (Store only). 

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