14 May 2015

Back To Bohemia.

I fell head over heels for it. It's is one of those pieces that you can adopt into any style and blend into any wardrobe. The only thing needed to wear this dress, is confidence. What I bonded with the most was it's simplicity yet daring shape. It's super minimal but also manages to be extreme at the same time. I felt in ore of it, it literally mesmerised me. If I was to choose my wedding dress at this moment in time, then it would be this but in an off-white. This is how hard I fell for it. It's bold and sensual all at the same time. A dress, that makes you think about your own wedding, shouldn't be ignored. Anyway, slightly off topic... 

It's nice for me to show off a more evening and occasional look - It's a barley there cut, that shows off a lot of skin on your top half. This is perfect for me, as I feel most confident with my upper body shape and love to show my back, arms and shoulders off. It swooshes over my hips and thighs (my least confident part) This is also where I am most tattooed, and feel this dress shows them off so well!

Staying true to myself, I've worn underneath my handmade, tan, suede and crochet bikini top. It adds a more earthly, boho vibe to what is a very elegant look. I have a pretty small bust, so think I can get away with this deep V without it being too much. I matched the tan suede and followed through with the slouchy tassel bag. Trust any good tassel item to bring any outfit back to Bohemia. I have finished off neatly with a dainty high heel and considered statement silver jewellery. A heavy pendant fills the gap nicely but not too much, while turquoise gives a pop of colour and stacked bangles add to the femininity. Voila! 

Black Plunging Dress - Topshop (Store only). 

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