21 May 2015

Wash Out.

I have been on a hunt recently, for the perfect long hippy dress. Super soft, laid back and easy to wear in the day. Maxi dresses done properly, are super feminine and a staple piece for your wardrobe all year round. Toughen up the boho princess feel with a leather jacket, wooden platform boots, bracelets and rings. 

I wanted one preferably from the 1970s, in a super soft fabric. It all started, when I bought this beautiful dress from Zara, it was floor length with slits all the way up, lace up deep V-neck with a patchwork ditsy print. Utterly heartbreaking, but it drowned me. Being 5ft 2, the proportions of this dress were completely wrong for me and I had to return it. Ever since, I have been on the look out for something similar. I turned to vintage, because long maxi dresses from the 70s are in abundance and quite easy to come across at the moment. I stopped by my favourite store Beyond Retro on the Kingsland Rd, in hope of finding something, but unfortunately nothing was quite right - I found great colours, patterns and fabrics but then the size would be all wrong! After (resentfully) scrolling through Depop, Ebay and other stress inducing internet platforms, I was starting to loose hope. I knew, that really I should just give up. After all it's when you aren't shopping, that you come across the best items, and the days you set out with money in your hand a night out on the cards, you can find nothing! I had gotten so caught up in my quest, I had actually forgotten a place that was right under my nose. Downstairs in Topshop, is the vintage section - the lair of Peekaboo. It's a great small enough space, to 'not' get lost in. They have rooted through the hoards, so you don't have too and present their best vintage finds - basically Peekaboo saves you the rummaging. 

So here we have it, my mauve, teal and pastel pink double layered dress. I am so into it's washed out, sun faded look - I reminds me of an old beach blanket. It's pretty perfect if I am honest and I'm in love with it. To finish, I've added all my dainty and delicate Orelia jewellery to add a little something. They do really beautiful bits that can be apart of your day to day look. I really like to mix and match my silvers, golds and  rose golds - especially if they are dainty and thin pieces. To give a little shine, I'm using my Dark Horse leather pouch, and hardening up the whole look with my chunky platform boots in 70s suede. I can't wait to get out and about more in this look!

Vintage Long Hippy Dress - Peekaboo Vintage.

Silver Leather Pouch Clutch - Dark Horse.

Tan Platform 'Hitch' Boots - Topshop. 

Jewellery - Orelia.

Photos by Aishling Browne. 

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