1 June 2015

Orange is the New Black.

Summer really is here now (It's June 1st and we do have the heating on) so it's time for me to bring out some colour. Orange is a good colour to me, it treats me pretty well. I am not really one for bright colours, especially more then one at a time but I will always make the exception for a flame orange. It stems from my love and natural attraction to warm, earthy tones. This just happens to be the brightest and fiery shade in my colour palette. Topshop have done right by me with this romantic love affair in a form of a blouse. Boho-babyness all summer long.  It's lace up neckline, alluring loose fit and swooping sleeves lend itself beautifully to be worn with tougher denim, giving it harder edge. I love outfits like these - simply built and easy on the eye yet pretty fierce! 

I've gone for a new style with my jeans, these are the newer style 'Binx' at Topshop. I know these were brought out last year, in a very small quantity but now they're back properly and have come out in lots of different washes. They are like a chic, revised 'Mom' jean - super high waisted with a retro straight cut that skims over the leg. I love that cropped ankle length. It's the beachy and frayed raw edge that got me. I love subtle rugged undertones. I found that my taupe Steve Madden espadrilles went down a treat here!

Rust Poet Blouse - Topshop
Blue 'Binx' Jeans - Topshop
'Alice' Aviator Sunglasses - Topshop 
'Theea' Suede Wedges - Steve Madden

Photos taken by Aishling Browne. 

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