17 July 2015

Daily Delicates.

It's so nice once you have built up your jewellery collection, so that everyday you have your 'go to' pieces that can just be worn with everything. Nailing your staple jewellery pieces is super easy once you have figured what you like. For me, I love fine and delicate styles that still have a subtle bohemian and traveller feel. Armlets, body chains and hand harnesses are perfect, and I love the way the fit within my wardrobe. Slightly washed up and beachy with tiny little shells, turquoise and Swarovski crystals.

The lovely team over at Orelia were kind enough to send me over their new lines for me to try out. I honestly love every single thing, and see a lot of me in their pieces. It's pretty awesome getting dressed in the morning knowing I have the perfect piece of jewellery to compliment.   

All jewellery - Orelia.

Blue Floral Blouse and Stripy T-shirt  - Zara.

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