3 August 2015


Come on baby, who really really wants to get dressed up all high maintenance on a Monday? Not me.  You know what I'ma go for? A onsie, and a baggy one at that so I can ease my way in to the week, mentally and indeed physically. Loose fits are convenient  and luckily for me, have a effortless cool about them. I LOVE my Band of Gypsies one above, it's bold and rusty colour palette is insane. I find myself so attracted to it that its verging on weird, It's the sort of piece I could happily live in and just chill with it. The 'batik' dyed and ethnic style transports me to a long, lazy indian summer far away from London. It's playful and it's always nice when you can be fun with your clothes. Sure, I have added some nice pieces to smarten the outfit up a bit as after all, I do need to go to work and not just go out to play. I'll do it in a flat lace up sandal, but a heel really gives this jumpsuit an edge and shows off its wide leg/culotte silhouette. If your not particularly tall like me then you'll need to be careful when covering yourself with one piece of patterned fabric. A nice high heel will be sure to sort this out by not letting your drown. In keeping with it's earthy colours, I've gone for my taupe espadrilles wedges, but anything tan would look good too. I've come over all 'earth mother' chic, and aint nothing wrong with that. Try one on, and see how good it feels. 

Wide Leg Jumpsuit - Band of Gypsies. Espadrille Wedge - Steve Madden. Suede Tassel Jacket - Kate Moss x Topshop (sold out). Jewellery - Gypsy Silver and Orelia

Photos taken by Aishling Browne. 

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