28 September 2015

Feeling Thigh High.

So I've been told it's cold now. When the summer gives it's last breathe and gives up, I go through the five stages of grievance. Right about now I'm in the 'denial and isolation' stage, refusing to put on tights, not covering my shoulders up and certainly not buying a winter coat. Later will come the anger, the bargaining, the depression and then lastly the acceptance. By the time I have accepted it, it's about March. 

Anyway... Out of my stubborn behavior this Autumn-Winter, I wont be packing away my summer dresses and skirts. Hell no! In fact  I will wearing them with thigh high boots instead. I have never had a pair before, I was worried I was too short and didn't want to shorten my leg. But once these went on, they didn't really come off. Now what an investment these boots have been. I look it this way. They have made about 50% of my summer wardrobe full on wearable all the year through. Fuck yeah! Now that is being clever. 

For my outfit above (I keep wearing it again, and again lately) I have loved the opportunity to layer up with me boots. My sheer flowing skirt with its mini underlay makes super interesting, and literally pisses over any over skirt. It's moody floral print and colour palate lends itself very nicely to my 5 stages of grievance too - I am feeling super moody right now. Baggy t-shirts to chuck on are the one, I have tons in all colours, and a leather cowboy hat is my Autumn/Winter key accessory. 

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