25 October 2015

With The Band.

It's outfits like these that really get me excited, and remind me why I love styling.Anything where I get to use my imagination.When I put clothes together I get inspiration from all things rock and roll, girl groupies on tour, the 1970s, America, the desert...

I've been on a hype ever since I got this cape. It's right up there as one of my season 'pieces', and gets to go on a wooden hanger on my rail, instead of a standard black plastic one. It's heavy weight, the diamond in the rough amongst my wardrobe of worn out clobber. Anyway I think you get the point, that I LOVE it. It's rosy gold hue is what makes this a dream for me. It falls right into my rocky, beachy, boho style spectrum, as one of the more pretty and romantic items. I have always put together outfits that have the contrast between beautiful and tough, so couldn't wait to wear the beaded cape over an old vintage t-shirt paired with ripped denim jeans. If you lost the jeans and where the long t-shirt as a dress then it would be such a WILD outfit for being at a gig after party, Almost Famous style. I love the whimsical notion of being all dressed up, with no where to go and for me, this look above encompasses that feel. Giving gorgeous feminine pieces a tough edge by dressing down and then going about something mundane, like smoking a cigarette whilst hanging out the washing. I have linked the cape below in a different colour way as it also comes in a blue/silver tone, really banging on a brunette. 

Fringe Cape - Miss Selfridge. Harley Davidson T-shirt - Beyond Retro. 'Cain' Jeans - Topshop. Western Boots - Topshop (old).


16 October 2015

Psych Out!

Feeling like the sixth member from Scooby-Doo, I fell right into the groove with this look. I wore this outfit to a gig a couple weeks ago, I was seeing a 70s sounding psychedelic soul band and wanted to dress right. I ended up getting home, climbing out of my clothes and then climbing straight back into them again for work the next day. When your on to a good thing, wear it to death, who cares?  (I wasn't in the sweaty crowd getting cigarette burns, I was swaying in the background). It's less serious look with a playful reference to the 1970s. The metallic knitted tank isn't Missoni but it will do, and it also comes with matching knitted flares, but that was verging too much on a psychedelic trip out for me. The chevron top half is perfect alone, paired with something denim. 70s all the way, I went for a flare. You'll get the best from your denim flares if you wear them with a good platform shoe to really lengthen and elongate your legs. Flares might not be for everyone but they are in fact one the most flattering items of clothing, if done right. They create curves whilst also giving the illusion of endless legs, legs eleven and all that. Has anyone seen the keys to the Mystery Machine ? (haha)

Chevron Metallic Tank - Topshop. Denim Flares - Topshop. Tan Platform Boots - (Similar) Topshop.


11 October 2015

Snake Charmer.

Another day, another awesome dress. The thing is, I don't want too much from any dress. I just like it to be pretty, cool and effortless. Right now I'm loving long and loose, very low neck lines met with thigh high splits. The dresses by For Love and Lemons melt me, so I can't really look at them. I always try and look for ways around not being able to afford the dresses from my dreams, and instead hunt far and wide for the odd gems from the high street and vintage of course. Sometimes I find the high street incredible soulless,  but of course wear it like the next person. I like to believe if I style it right and look comfortable, then maybe it'll pass for something a lot more magical and one off. Take this dress for example, just need to add some odd pieces of mix match jewellery, pile on the rings and layer up the necklaces and a spicy pair of shoes and I feel like I've made it my own. I love a bit of Western and the fact I can incorporate that influence into a more evening, glam look because of the python print is massive SOLD! from me. For this dress, I keep it nice and clean with a neutral heel for a fine finish.  Throw over a trusty leather and clutch then I'm good to go, and be my own version of lady like. 

Python Deep V Dress - Topshop. Strappy Black Stilettos - Public Desire.



4 October 2015

Hell's Angel.

There is a chill in the air now, so what else can I double up on instead of my summer romantic double denim? Feeling fierce as always, I have no problem with a bit of double leather. Girls can be tough too you know. As awful as it sounds put into words, I can't deny my style evolves into a rock chic (yuck, cringe) as the season changes and it gets abit colder.  My thought process with this  outfit was like hmm might as well add to it's fierceness... now where's that gnarly ass wolf tee? Rough and ready old vintage t-shirts are the best and a true essential for my wardrobe. On my days off I go around vintage shops and always try to buy at least a couple. Harley D, motorcycle memorabilia are my preference. So yes, as summer rolls out I swap my loose, boho garms for more leathery, black seriousness. 

I needed a sweet pair of black boots for Autumn/ Winter, ones that I could just rely on and wear all the time. I can't afford a pair of Toga's right now, I'm too busy saving for plane tickets so in the mean time I found high street's next best thing. The similarity to mine above and a pair of Toga Pullas is uncanny. A buckle less yes, but hey I actually kinda prefer that anyway. 100% suede, for a very decent price point, I thought it would be rude to leave these on the shelf. Note* Sadly these boots don't jingle like Esmerelda when I walk, boo. Maybe they are worth the odd £250 more for that factor alone? 

Suede Buckle Boots - Berksha. Leather Biker - Topshop. Leather Zip Skirt - Topshop. Harley Davidson T-shirt - Rokit.  

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