4 October 2015

Hell's Angel.

There is a chill in the air now, so what else can I double up on instead of my summer romantic double denim? Feeling fierce as always, I have no problem with a bit of double leather. Girls can be tough too you know. As awful as it sounds put into words, I can't deny my style evolves into a rock chic (yuck, cringe) as the season changes and it gets abit colder.  My thought process with this  outfit was like hmm might as well add to it's fierceness... now where's that gnarly ass wolf tee? Rough and ready old vintage t-shirts are the best and a true essential for my wardrobe. On my days off I go around vintage shops and always try to buy at least a couple. Harley D, motorcycle memorabilia are my preference. So yes, as summer rolls out I swap my loose, boho garms for more leathery, black seriousness. 

I needed a sweet pair of black boots for Autumn/ Winter, ones that I could just rely on and wear all the time. I can't afford a pair of Toga's right now, I'm too busy saving for plane tickets so in the mean time I found high street's next best thing. The similarity to mine above and a pair of Toga Pullas is uncanny. A buckle less yes, but hey I actually kinda prefer that anyway. 100% suede, for a very decent price point, I thought it would be rude to leave these on the shelf. Note* Sadly these boots don't jingle like Esmerelda when I walk, boo. Maybe they are worth the odd £250 more for that factor alone? 

Suede Buckle Boots - Berksha. Leather Biker - Topshop. Leather Zip Skirt - Topshop. Harley Davidson T-shirt - Rokit.  

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