16 October 2015

Psych Out!

Feeling like the sixth member from Scooby-Doo, I fell right into the groove with this look. I wore this outfit to a gig a couple weeks ago, I was seeing a 70s sounding psychedelic soul band and wanted to dress right. I ended up getting home, climbing out of my clothes and then climbing straight back into them again for work the next day. When your on to a good thing, wear it to death, who cares?  (I wasn't in the sweaty crowd getting cigarette burns, I was swaying in the background). It's less serious look with a playful reference to the 1970s. The metallic knitted tank isn't Missoni but it will do, and it also comes with matching knitted flares, but that was verging too much on a psychedelic trip out for me. The chevron top half is perfect alone, paired with something denim. 70s all the way, I went for a flare. You'll get the best from your denim flares if you wear them with a good platform shoe to really lengthen and elongate your legs. Flares might not be for everyone but they are in fact one the most flattering items of clothing, if done right. They create curves whilst also giving the illusion of endless legs, legs eleven and all that. Has anyone seen the keys to the Mystery Machine ? (haha)

Chevron Metallic Tank - Topshop. Denim Flares - Topshop. Tan Platform Boots - (Similar) Topshop.

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