9 November 2015

Feeling Free.

Ever wonder if you were born in the wrong time and place? I certainly do think this, all the bloody time and not only since the 70s trend became a thing - I've thought it ever since I was a child. I have always loved the summer time, and the beach and the fact the I wasn't apart of 1970s beach culture, in sizzling California really does bother me. Vans, sun bleached long hair, endless summer days. I guess I always have an essence of all these things in the way I dress, as it's the only way I can really connect to that time and place. Sometimes it's hard living in concrete London so any way possible to imagine and day dream, then I will. (Mainly through styling haha)

This long sleeve raglan was one of the last purchases I made with my Topshop discount. I bought it a week ago, on my last day of employment. I knew when it came into store that I couldn't leave without it. I love that warm, sunshine yellow - such a happy colour. I felt like this top just gave off really good vibes and for my new journey ahead, I needed all the good vibes I can get. I love the slogan on the front - 'Feeling Free in Joshua Tree', it just conjures up amazing images in my head. As for the skirt? Well that is a gorgeous little vintage button down number, looking cute as hell and also brings me onto my new job, at Peekaboo Vintage. Ta - dah! 

Yellow Raglan T-Shirt - Tee and Cake. Suede Button Down Skirt - Peekaboo Vintage. Western Boots - Topshop Premium (old). Baker Boy Hat - Beyond Retro Own Label. Cowrie Shell Necklace - Bestow Jewellery.

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