16 November 2015

Fluffy Flamingo.

For nights that I'm going out, out - my night time glam still needs that unruly and untamed look about it. There is just no other way. Like these photos above - they have more of a 'morning after the night before' vibe instead of 'pre-drinks' but that could be because incidentally I was very tired and a tiny bit hungover at the time. Almost tripping off the curb in my unstable, lace - up stilettos, swaying around balancing my new pink fur coat off my shoulders. The poor residents of Notting Hill Gate are most probably sick of the sight of me. 

This faux fur is my coat for the winter, and no I don't mind that it's pink. I'm pretty sure it's going to go with everything, anyway its a very dusky hue that remains quite neutral. You can still rough pink up, it doesn't have to stay in the barbie girl realm. I really like it over this moody, winter floral playsuit.  Dusky pink and olive/khaki greens is a dream combination.  Messy 'undone' bed hair, with a suposedly 'done' outfit, some cute high heels and I'm good to go.

Dusky Pink Faux Fur - (ON SALE) Miss Selfridge. Winter Floral Playsuit - Topshop. Embellished Clutch - (Similar) F&F for Tesco. Lace- Up Fringed Heels - (ON SALE) Public Desire. 

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