21 November 2015

Iron Maiden.

I felt like an iron maiden taking these photos I tell you, was two degrees outside and I was feeling a draft in a few places that's for sure. I am still not all that good at the cold, but in terms of dressing I know I can always turn to warming suede. 'When Suede-y met Suede-y' my friend Amy would've said. I know she would appreciate my double use of suede here - so Amy, this ones for you. 
A heavy duty suede shirt, is the perfect thing to have on hand in this baltic weather, and could these faux suede thigh highs being any cuter? Fitting like a winter glove, with a handy tie up at the back, they sex up this outfit a lot. Peekaboo Vintage have excited me beyond, with their 100% leather fringed mini skirts. I know they come in all shades, but for me, grey was the one. So rock 'n' roll's cheer leader was born. 
Vintage to me, is a wonderful and wild aspect of fashion. From a really young age, I stole my big sister's vintage clothes, and fell head first in love with the fact that no one else would be looking the same as me. Being a young Leo lioness, I guess I attention seeked through style and the only way forward for me, was to just stand out. At school, I was the first to wear tight drain pipe school trousers, I swear! I got suspended, and felt very pleased with myself.
Another reason I have a passion for vintage, is the searching, seeking and rummaging that goes into the finding of your dream piece of clothing. It isn't just given to you on a plate, it's a journey! I love a late evening mooch in my local Beyond Retro. I have the whole store to myself, and love rummaging solo through the rails. Shopping alone, I find it the best and only way. You can zone out, get lost in your thoughts and truly get the best out of the overall experience. Every visit to a vintage store, I always aim to leave with at least a useful vintage t-shirt - as they are my wardrobe staple. Now that I have left my job as a (semi - smart) personal shopper, I pretty much wear one every day. As I have mentioned before, I really like to use them to toughen up my more prettier, girlie items of clothing and plus I've always loved bringing the two together. Tough, but romantic vibes. By the way, I am listening to Iron Maiden as I write this post. It's a pet hate for me, when chicks wear band t-shirts of bands that they don't listen to or at least appreciate. Killin' it! 

Iron Maiden T-shirt - Beyond Retro. Western Woven Suede Shirt - (Similar) Peekaboo Vintage. Grey Leather Fringed Mini Skirt - Peekaboo Vintage. Thigh High Boots - 'Janine' Public Desire.

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