28 December 2015

Eliza & Sara, Part 1 - Monotonía.

Monotonía is the Spanish translation for 'Monotony' - the mundane day to day, black and white, the daily grind. At the end of 2015, with all the bleak skies and concrete surroundings - its a way I have come to feel. Tedious repetition and routine were getting on my nerves.

Just before we departed London for Christmas, Sara and I were both feeling a bit 'Bar Humbug' and were looking for some new year inspiration. Sometimes we just can't handle the fact we aren't living in the Nevada desert, but instead of sulking about it, it's always better to dream on instead. After endless chats on retro icons, designers and creative folk that we love its only too obvious that our styles intertwine, reflecting our passion for folk, western and bohemian fashion. We needed to channel our musings into a creative outlet and thought it would be a lovely idea to style a series of two paired looks - reflecting our moods and fitting into certain colours palettes. We often spend time, enjoying our similarities in our tastes so why not put it to a productive cause? We figured working on a collaborative blog series, would be awesome and just what we needed, to wake up a bit. After agreeing a monochrome colour palette would be an excellent place to start, what with the end of the year fastly approaching, with starting afresh and on a neutral footing - here we are! Redefining our usual western appreciations with a simple black and white. 2015 - Over and out. 

We both are wearing a mix of independent brands, vintage and high street. 

Eliza - White 70s Prom Style Shirt - Topshop (similar). Premuim Leather Biker Gilet - Topshop (similar) . Black Bell Flares - ASOS. Suede Bolo Neck Tie - Depop Seller. 

Sara - White Cheesecloth Dress - Valley of the Dolls. Suede Gilet - Vintage. Black Wide Brimmed Fedora - Brixton (similar). Fringed Navajo Bag - Boho Bags (similar). Concho Necklace - Nostalgic Feather Jewellery


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