28 January 2016

Liquid Suede.

When suede comes in a tight fitting form, then I'm 100% in. When boots fit like socks, I am also 100% in -  when the two combine then, well you know the rest. Like a moth to flame, I knew they were the missing piece in my ever growing puzzle of boots. A nice navy blue. You see, for the last two or so weeks now I have been very pre-occupied with my upcoming trip to Los Angeles. The outfit planning in my head has been obscene, I've even made lists. After lots of wardrobe rummaging it occurred to me I really did need a new pair of boots to take out there. A pair that will go well with all my long maxi dresses, as well as all my jeans. I have an array of tan, camel, brown and black boots so fancied these navy ones to no end. Plus I love a sock fit, very flattering on the ankles and I know these will work beautifully with a bare leg and a dress. 

Get me to LA already so I can dress how I actually want to dress. London has been grey since October, and quite frankly I'm so over it. I've been doing quite well, and not moaned about it too much. Rose to the occasion, by sorting myself out nice warm winter coats, investing in a few different over the knee boots and of course wearing a load of hats! But now, I am bored. I was freezing my bum off taking these photos, forcing a nonchalant gaze whilst clutching a hand warming tea - It's not they way I want things for myself. But the trip to LA is looming. The sun will be shining and these sexy boots, that fit like liquid suede, are comin' with me. 

Suede Sock Boot - Topshop. Denim 'Binx' Jeans - Topshop. Floral Blouse - (Similar) Zara. 'Kayla' Hat - Sold Out, Brixton. Watch - Daniel Wellington. 100% Snake Skin Bag - Vintage. 



25 January 2016

Muted Magic.

Just having a casual, candid (NOT) saunter past Dior, you know, as you do! It was a quiet Monday morning in Covent Garden and I had gone to meet Gemma for some much anticipated warming breakfast at 26 Grains (Scandinavian bowls of healthy stuff).  It was a very fresh morning and all I wanted was to be lazy, cosy and most importantly covered up. Did not fancy a draft going up anywhere thank you very much. I've been wearing this chunky knitted cardi for days on end in my flat whilst I've been busy in hibernation mode, but thought maybe I should actually wear it outside instead of treating it like a dressing gown. That's a bad habit I have. I end up falling asleep in far too many of my clothes and then before I know it they become 'indoor' wear. Well not today, not this cardigan. It's now been fully integrated into society. 

For me cardigans can be on the boring side and a little frump but this one I felt this didn't apply too. I love it's western woolly tassels so that I could play cosy cowgirl! As for the rest of this outfit, leather black thigh high boots are my savour. They are my answer to leaving the house from the months of November right through until March give or take. They give me my stealth assassin vibe for when I want to go undetected, that's pretty much all the time during the cold winter months. Underneath I've been intentionally simple. There's nothing like a muted long line sweatshirt, it's a great foundation piece that's very easy to build on. I was especially taken with it's lovely dusty blue tone, and knew it would be an easy one to blend in to my wardrobe. 

Leather Ranch Hat - Vintage. Washed Navy Blue Sweatshirt - Topshop. Thigh Highs - Topshop. Black Paisley Bandanna, Vintage. Chunky Knitted Fringe Cardigan - SALE Asos



19 January 2016

Eliza & Sara, Part 2 - Muse Me.

Recently Sara lent me the book 'I'm With The Band', a memoir by Pamela Des Barres. Confessions from the mythical world of Rock 'n' Roll through the eyes of the most infamous groupie herself. Its an enchanting and enlightening read. Naughtiness aside and I believe me I love the mischief, being groupie is a lot more then just free love. There is the true appreciation of music, and oh man the fashion! I could day dream about it all day long, or roam Pinterest for hours on end looking at old backstage photographs. The book itself, gave us the next obvious styling direction for Part 2 in our Eliza & Sara series. So welcome to Muse Me, inspired by those mythical groupie goddesses.

This look didn't need to relate to everyday life, I wanted it to live in a world of make believe. With a musical 60s/70s starting point, I knew I needed something pretty out there and flamboyant. Something that would suit the stage, as well as the after party. Obey Womens's purple haze of a T-shirt was perfect for this look as wanted to start off playful. For the main attraction, I wanted to have a super shaggy jacket from The Lovers and Drifters Club. These lusty babies are a lot of fun and come in a whole range of colours. I had been dying to dress up in one of these for ages so felt very excited to finally get my hands on one. To finish off with a psychedelic nod, I chose sunglasses from Quay's new SS16 collection in that retro round style. 

Sara and I were quite keen to shoot it differently from regular street style shots so brought in Sara's talented intern to take our photos. Thank you Hannah, we love them. We hope you do too!

Myself - Shaggy Jacket - The Lovers and Drifters Club. 'Rock 'n' Roll' T-shirt - Obey Womens'. Blue Mirrored Sunglasses - Quay Australia. 

Sara - Velvet Bell Bottoms - MXCI. Stripey High Collar Sweater - Vintageous Rags. 




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