1 February 2016

Blue Jean Baby.

If a 'runaway' capsule wardrobe was to exist for me - then this would be it. Now this is me getting dramatic, cinematic and hell lets throw romantic in there as well.  If I was to make a quick getaway i.e run out on my wedding, then this would be the outfit packed in the boot of my car. Perfect for staying undiscovered and keeping a low yet stylish profile. Sorry, I love to sew a narrative to my outfits. 

Levis denim always and forever, and I'm talking real denim, not the elastic mix. High waisted and in a classic blue wash of course. I am always unsure of my sizes in vintage denim. I can vary from a W25-27 in modern sizing, so it's always best to find a bunch in a vintage store and try them on rather the ordering online. A loose fit V-neck t-shirt is an essential to give this look it's low key vibe, and my favourite Toga Pulla boots to bring in that bit of western style. For your tough, rough and ready appeal you need a trusty biker leather jacket. This outfit is for those casual, yet crucial days. Do you know the type? When you just need something classic, unassuming but still capable and badass. 

These boots, are my dream and eventually I would like some more colours. I got these ones pre-owned, and fell hard in love with their unusual colour (pretty sure they were once grey but have now corroded into green, like copper. Certainly doesn't bother me). Let's face it, Toga's cost a lot and that doesn't bode well when you have a slightly concerning boot addiction, with a humble overdraft. I was happy to get these at a good price from my friend, who I persuaded she should totally sell them to me. Sara if your reading this, it was 100% the right decision, have no regrets in life! Its ride or die.

Toga Pulla Boots - Similar - Farfetch. Unisex V-neck T-shirt - American Apparel. Biker Leather Jacket - Similar - Topshop. Vintage 501 Fit Levis - Similar - Beyond Retro.



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