28 January 2016

Liquid Suede.

When suede comes in a tight fitting form, then I'm 100% in. When boots fit like socks, I am also 100% in -  when the two combine then, well you know the rest. Like a moth to flame, I knew they were the missing piece in my ever growing puzzle of boots. A nice navy blue. You see, for the last two or so weeks now I have been very pre-occupied with my upcoming trip to Los Angeles. The outfit planning in my head has been obscene, I've even made lists. After lots of wardrobe rummaging it occurred to me I really did need a new pair of boots to take out there. A pair that will go well with all my long maxi dresses, as well as all my jeans. I have an array of tan, camel, brown and black boots so fancied these navy ones to no end. Plus I love a sock fit, very flattering on the ankles and I know these will work beautifully with a bare leg and a dress. 

Get me to LA already so I can dress how I actually want to dress. London has been grey since October, and quite frankly I'm so over it. I've been doing quite well, and not moaned about it too much. Rose to the occasion, by sorting myself out nice warm winter coats, investing in a few different over the knee boots and of course wearing a load of hats! But now, I am bored. I was freezing my bum off taking these photos, forcing a nonchalant gaze whilst clutching a hand warming tea - It's not they way I want things for myself. But the trip to LA is looming. The sun will be shining and these sexy boots, that fit like liquid suede, are comin' with me. 

Suede Sock Boot - Topshop. Denim 'Binx' Jeans - Topshop. Floral Blouse - (Similar) Zara. 'Kayla' Hat - Sold Out, Brixton. Watch - Daniel Wellington. 100% Snake Skin Bag - Vintage. 


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