15 January 2016

Purple Haze.

Ain't nothing like a baggy ensemble. I am channelling my inner Olsen Twins here, taking boho to the chic end of the spectrum  - or so I hope. Some may question the extreme wideness of these trousers, but I happen to think their all kinds of fun. I get such pleasure when a trouser reaches the floor fully, anything to hide inside of and especially as its frickin FREEZING out there. I wear my highest pair of platform shoes underneath, just to keep me from dragging along. It's a shame you won't see the sassy silhouette of the 70s shoe, but knowing it's there, is all you really need. P.s the higher, the better! 

This brings me to my favorite jumper ever. I like to get it, a few sizes up so I can have that relaxed look. I don't mind spending the £70 or so pounds, as it lasts like a trooper through the washing machine, season after season. It's the American Apparel Unisex Fisherman Knit, and it's badass. I love anything that I can invest in, and wear for years. I also have this jumper in a orange - couldn't resist trying another colour. 

Unisex Fishermen Knit - American Apparel. Purple Wide Leg Trousers - Vintage. Mini Studded Bag - Asos (Similar).

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