4 February 2016

Maggie May.

I'm getting to that point now, where I'm struggling to get dressed in the morning let alone feeling inspired. It's been a long winter, and it's not over yet.  I still can't believe, this is actually where I live. I'm convinced that I'm meant to be from a warmer climate, a city by the beach - I just know it? I am a romantic, and I do feel my style is seeped with summer nostalgia. I want to live in long, floaty dresses, cut off denim and wear bikinis instead of underwear. I love light weight, sheer fabrics. I raid my clothes rail everyday, going 'next, next, next' to every dress hanging up - as it seems they are far too summer loving for London's current grey days. Don't get me wrong, I do like winter layering, chunky knits and massive blanket scarves but like I said, I am getting to that point.   

Once it gets warmer this outfit is going to work so much better, without the grey T-shirt underneath. I'm thinking a black bralet or triangle bra, with a couple of buttons fastened up on the dress. Worn super loose and free like a bird. Try looking at some of the dresses by Amilita (so gorgeous I could die) and then making them London weather appropriate by adding thigh high boots - Click the images below to shop a look similar to mine. 


Black Split Maxi Skirt - Gypsy Warrior. Marigold Chiffon Crepe Dress - Amilita. Olive Fiddler Cap - Brixton Womens. Thigh High Boots - Topshop.  Tri-blend Grey T-shirt - American Apparel

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