2 April 2016

LA | Death Valley.

So somewhere in the midst of our trip we found ourselves stuck out in the desert. It was great, don't get my wrong but we were stranded. Out in Yucca Valley we stayed in a really cute cabin - thank god it was cute because the whole situation felt very Hills Have Eyes. There wasn't much to do, as we didn't have a car and was so far out from everything so we kinda just used the cabin as a chill spot. A place to recoup, listen to records, smoke cigarettes, and catch up on some work with a whole load of coffee. It was a much needed rest after a few weeks of LA life. Of course, once we shared our last cigarette and run out of all supplies things got pretty weird and we got the hell outta there. Lesson number 34 - Don't come out here without a car, people look at you funny. 

One lovely thing about our slightly creepy 'rehabilitation' getaway to the desert, was that I adored hanging around in this snake print romper. Perfect for our dusty cinematic location! Long sleeves, deep v neck line, elasticated waist and frilly shorts - there isn't much else I would want from a playsuit?! Man I just love California, my clothes and style just feel 100/% at home. It's very hard at times in London, to actually be fully myself. Thank you so much Pylo for taking care of us out here! 

Death Valley Romper - Pylo. Buckley Hat - Brixton. Vintage Belt - Hardware Vintage at Topshop. 

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