26 March 2016

LA | Magic Spells.

here aren't many better things, then getting caught in a hazy sun trap on a mid morning walk - in February! Exploring Echo Park and Silver Lake when we first got to LA, was enough fun in itself. The houses around here are all built differently, all with front porches, and all with wild growing cacti. It's a dream location to live so we were super content to be staying in this area. There is a Crossroads Buy/Sell/Trade branch down the road, so we had a few good hunt abouts in there. (At one point further down the line, we got so overloaded with luggage that we took some of our clothes here to sell as well). How do you like another one of my pre-owned finds? A witchy maxi dress, if I ever did see one. I love it's plunging neckline, perfect for throwing on necklaces and swooning around on warm day. Midday, is the new witching hour. 

Floral Maxi - Blu Moon (via Crossroads) Suede Sock Boots - Topshop. Studded Mini Bag - Asos. 
Turquoise Pendant - Borrowed from a hunky man. Native American Turquoise Ring - Sky Lark (Venice Beach). Silver Snake Ring - Gypsy Silver. 

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