20 March 2016

LA | Starstruck.

Well, what can I say - other then I am head over fucking heels in love. Hey LA, it only took a month for me to know your the one. Can you really fall hard for something in a month? Getting on that plane back here was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Myself and Sara really, really contemplated missing our flight and literally sucked it up last minute. A mistake? Yes, for sure. 

Anyway, skip back a few weeks to day two of the trip and I had already found the above Reformation leather jacket, and these Jeffrey Campbell concho buckle boots  - second hand! Paid a really really decent price for them both. Fuck yeah! What a dream. I honestly feel like I can't write much more, I'm so heartbroken! 

Starry Tunic - Peekaboo Vintage. Kayla Cap - Brixton Womens. Concho Buckle Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell (via Crossroads) Leather Jacket - Reformation ( via Crossroads) Watch - Daniel Wellington. 

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