1 April 2016

Waiste Spring 2016.


So now we're back from inspiring and lovely LA, we have thrown ourselves straight into a heap of work. Mending our broken hearts, myself and Sara have a lot on our plate at the moment what with moving Sara into mine and Liz's flat, taking care of Waiste and of course planning our next escape outta 'ere! We're doing all we can, to ignore the British weather and stay super motivated. After a really fruitful vintage hunt last week, Spring season is looking pretty darn tasty in the world of Waiste. 

A quick break from my LA posts, I just wanted to share with you a little look at whats to come over the  next couple of weeks on Waiste Vintage. Here is just the tip of a very sexy and stylish iceberg. Believe me - there are some true vintage gems on the way, including beautiful folk maxi dresses, suede waist coats and lovely ethnic tunic tops. Some true vintage staples for your naughty old closets. 

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