4 May 2016

LA | Desert Moth.

So on this particular day, we got ourselves stuck up a canyon of some sort with barely any reception and no means of getting back down to civilisation. Being idiots abroad, we found ourselves in this situation a lot. Don't mind me above, I was just creeping around like a reptile while we figured if we should hitch a ride back down the hill, or set up camp for the night. 

I'd been chasing this dress down for years. It's a relatively old Topshop one, and it was around before the days of me working there in Personal Shopping so it slipped through the net. A few of my colleages had it, and I was always envious. You know when something just grabs your attention, and you cannot get it out of your head? I am a massive sucker for cold shoulder dresses. For me, there is nothing more sensual and sexier on a girl then a bare shoulders and a backless dress. A few days before heading to LA, I found someone selling it on Depop - so fate had it, we came together in the end. It was meant to be. I love wearing it, I feel like a magical creature. 

Floral Dress- Topshop (old). Suede Sock Boots - Topshop. Round Sunglasses - American Vintage. 

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