27 June 2016


This is my current decadent black dress in my wardrobe, and decadent she is. Long, lacy and lusty with its sheer skirt and plunging neckline. It's leant itself nicely to my style, allowing me to heavily accessorise and leaving lots of room for my usual western feels. 

You can find this exact dress here over on Allegra's Asos Marketplace page. My belt is vintage, from Rokit's London Soho store while all of my jewels are from Dixi's new Bandit collection


25 June 2016

Born to Run.

Uniform dressing, made badass! There doesn't have to be any complications or stresses when it comes to your everyday style. It's all about those signature outfits you put on without having to think about it. You feel comfy and at peace, however somewhere and somehow you give it your unique spin that makes it identifiable to you. 

For my no brainer outfits, I love to keep it simple and classic with a biker boy feel. Levi blue denim, white top and a black leather jacket. Runaway feels, with a cute James Dean influence. Stay tough, stay ready. 

All silver featured is by DIXI Jewellery. My leather jacket is Topshop, and my blue jeans are Levi's


14 June 2016

Fallen Angels.

Fallen Angels | Allegra Summer Collection. 

Model - Riley Hillyer.
Photography - Cait Miers.
MUA - Rachel Loosli
Styling - Eliza Moore. 

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