18 July 2016

Blue Lagoon.


Right, sorry for picture overload. But I really, really loved this outfit and was so stoked with how this photos turned out. The garage door offered a little blue lagoon amongst the streets of Hackney. What with the dusky evening light setting on a seriously hot day, the images just came out lovely. Hello if you have even made it this far down the page without getting sick of my face!

First things first, this playsuit was made for me. It's so brilliantly simple and clean, but still so striking with its very low back. Pieces like this give so much room for you to style you're outfit in any direction you want. This play suit is a bit of a chameleon in that respect, and can lend it's self very nicely to anyone's style and wardrobe. I of course, have to add all the bohemian touches to make this play suit feel at home. 

My good pal Tessa recently came back from a trip to Bali, bringing back with her these insane boot straps. She had them custom designed, and I was lucky enough to be given a pair as she had a couple of them made. For sure my new favourite things! Adding these to any pair of boots, will literally transform them in to a completely new pair. They will bring the life and soul back into a pair that have been laying under your bed for a while. I love being able to add a western vibe to anything I wear, so these are a true keeper!

I've had a few lovely new additions to my jewellery shelf recently, and here I am wearing some pieces from Her Curiosity. Can you see my dusky pink necktie, and my faux tusk ring? I don't want to be cheesy but I am honestly swooning over the pieces I got sent. They do a lot of things with shells and woven material - totally washed up with a massive beachy feel. I am a beach bum at heart, so I really fall in love with things like this. 

My jacket is Waiste Vintage, while my play suit is from the guys over at Motel. My heart shaped glasses are from We Are Cow and my boot buckles were custom and hand made in Bali. My jewellery is all my usual but with some lovely new additions from Her Curiosity

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