26 August 2016

Straw Outlaw.

So lucky to be back here in LA, and being able to stay in the balmy moment for a minute. Love LA's light. Early morning, or early evening have always been my favourite hours of the day. Mellow, and a sense of something arriving is in the air. Also a really nice time to shoot!

I'm ruling out all things thick and heavy. It's been hot stuff weather wise, so wanted to be as weightless as possible today. This sheer lace dress from PYLO, is the easy choice. It's loose fit and far from clingy, so ideal dress to have a no fuss relationship with. Been thinking about straw hats for a little while now, as haven't had one before. I am so pleased with how my this fedora turned out. It's shape is beautiful, remaining slick whilst being the light weight essence of summer. Wearing it to the beach tomorrow for sure! 

I am wearing my Brixton Booker Fedora hat and my PYLO Bare It All dress. 

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