26 September 2016

Low Tide.

Nothing like a feminine dress, toughened up with boyish accessories and all your trusty silver jewellery. It's what I can't help but do, every time. Must be the tomboy in me. 

I like low commitment with my summer style, so this low back, loose fitting maxi dress is perfect for me. I really get drawn to clothes I know I can just put on, and feel confident in knowing that they just work and use their own brain and initiative to look good. When the weather is hot, who has time to be fussing around? I caught my dress in the sale, over on Planet Blue. It's by their own label Blue Life. 

The back and shoulders are my favourite part of the body for a women, so naturally low back cuts always find their way to my wardrobe. I also don't really wear bras so this dress lends itself perfectly to me with it's barely there top half. I won't be battling with exposed bra straps anytime soon. I did have to hunt down some body tape to avoid the old nip slip kerfuffle. I am all for FREE THE NIPPLE so I don't really care, it was more for the group of men that lurk outside the liquor store on Hollywood and Kingsley. Obviously didn't want to subject the poor fellas to such an obscenity.  If you want more of an interesting, Russian roulette sort of day then forget the body tape. 

So! Low Back Maxi Dress by Blue Life at Planet Blue. Kayla Cap by Brixton Women's. Vintage Silver 'E' from Gypsy Silver. Lion's Tooth Pendant I picked up in South Africa. Native American Silver and Turquoise Ring is from Skylark in Venice, LA. 


20 September 2016

Burning Memories.


Today we had a lovely location shoot with graphic T-shirt label Dazey LA up in the Hollywood hills and afterwards me and Sara decided to stick around up there. We really needed to get up high and out the way of the hot city. Being in LA can get a bit much at times and you find yourself craving fresh air. It's important for me to find open spaces so I can take a moment, reflect on everything that's going on and re-connect with nature again. As always our trip back out here has been beautiful, we have been able to revisit our friends and lucky enough to work with new gorgeous people too. Most of our experiences have left me feeling warm and full of gratuity. I feel very thankful that we have been able to travel to California three times this year. It's not been without a lot of stress, hard work and tears but I'd say it's been worth it. Sorry, I'm being all reflective.

One of the more sensible things we have been doing out here, has been vintage buying for Waiste. This teal woollen waistcoat is one of my favourite finds and will soon be available to buy over on www.waiste.co.uk. Layering it over old rock t-shirts is rad, but I can see it looking insane over white cheesecloth dresses as well. 

Also Sara came back this morning buzzing from a strong black coffee and a meeting with With The Band - a lovely LA based head band label, so here I am wearing one their pieces. I love tying things around my head, so naturally I put one of these on and then, that was it.

So as I said, the lovely vintage waistcoat will be coming soon to Waiste Vintage. My felt fedora is by Pip and Oblique via The Shop on Melrose. Head band by With The Band, my vintage Harley t-shirt is from a Rokit in London. 


15 September 2016

Dream Weaver.

It's always nice when your entire outfit is made up of found, handmade or vintage pieces. You've collected things from all your travels so every little thing has a story behind it. When it all comes together - you couldn't get a more of a unique look. It's nice to take a minute and photograph these outfits, so you can actually admire and appreciate what you have got. Knowing that it all wasn't bought from a trend, or mannequin in a shop window but instead you have built it yourself from your own preferences, imagination and tastes. It deserves a fucking pat on the back to be honest, and I will always take my many hats off to anyone who really sorts out their own style that's unique to them. To hell with these retail trends, it's so boring and lame. My favourite super power is my imagination. 

Quite a lot going on here, so will credit it all as best I can. Vintage Flounce Sleeve Crop - Awake Vintage, found at Rose Bowl Flea Market, LA. Shredded Denim Shorts are old Topshop. Vintage Belt from Silver Hardware, found in Topshop, Oxford Circus, London. Sterling Silver Shell Bracelet - Washed Ashore Adornments via Joplin Creative. Mini Suede Pouch found at Melrose Trading Post, LA. Aviators - Squaresville, LA. Nude Choker - Pretty Little Thing.com Straw Fedora by Brixton.com. 


9 September 2016

Golden Rules.

I don't like to enforce major rules with style, but I always have little outline of requirements I keep in my head. For instance a full length maxi dress should have many openings to show off skin. A way of balancing out the full coverage in a tasteful way. Whether that be a plunging neckline, thigh splits or of course both! It leaves a lot to be desired. 

Florals, sweet and lovely but I forever choose a moodier colour palette. It's just how I like to wear my flowers. It exudes a little more rock 'n' roll and toughens up your whole look. I love darker based prints with a retro seventies flowers.

The dress is by Band of Gypsies and is on sale in the US here with lots of their collection on sale in the UK here.

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